Valentines Flowers

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Please order before February 8th.
Thank-you so much for your support.

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Two years ago, Lise-Lotte had a flood in her family home, which meant that all of the drain tiles needed to be replaced. They had to move every plant away from the perimeter of the house and any plant that would be in the path of the diggers. Change brings new possibilities. As a result, they built large raised beds in the front yard of their city lot.  Flowers at partygreen celebrations was born. As Lise-Lotte says in her book, Greenhouse Hygge, the house of my growing dreams: “our wonderful daughters and I are starting an urban flower farm to supplement the girls’ income for university”.

For Valentines, they are trying something new and making lovely Valentines bouquets using some imported and some local product. In the spring and summer, they look forward to being able to supply their costumers with all locally grown flowers that will say:  I’m here for you, I appreciate you, or I’m celebrating you.