forever green

Our Philosophy

At partygreen celebrations, we live what we believe.

We believe that celebrations of our human milestones can also be kind to our earth.

  • We use home sewn cloth bags to “wrap” gifts in.
  • We re-use all of our decorations including plates, cutlery and cups.
  • We wash our linens in eco-friendly laundry soaps, hanging items to dry on the line outside (weather permitting)
  • We use local products whenever possible.
  • We use vintage cloth, whenever possible.
  • We use suppliers who are known for their best environmental practices.
  • We believe children are to be respected as valuable members of our global community.
  • We are led by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and those guiding principles are what inform our choices about which organizations we contribute to and with whom we partner.
  • We believe strongly that the concept of RESPECT is what guides us in our business practices with our clients, contractors, and business partners.
  • We believe in contributing to strong communities.

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