You don’t always get what you pay for, sometimes you get so much more..

In Victoria, being the City of Gardens, many people leave unwanted plants out on their boulevard for other people to have (if all the tomato seeds take and you don’t have room or you are dividing perennials).  Some people even leave extra plastic bags because they know others may not have that with them when they are walking home from work.

Last week, I was driving to pick up my Dad for dinner when I passed this beautiful willow tree with a sign that said: free tree. The conundrum: am I late for my Dad while I try and stuff a tree in my trunk or do I go a little further and risk that it’s still there? Dad and I showed up there a few minutes later. A woman on a bike had stopped, she was trying to think how she could get this home…who could she call with a car…we haggled in typical Canadian fashion which went like this: “no, you take it, you got here first, no, but you really want it..yes, but you were here first.” Another woman stopped in her car..”is this tree still available?…no!”..the owners of the tree were regretting not putting a price tag on it!

In the end, as you can see in the pictures, I became the VERY excited new steward thanks to the kind owners of this tree (which was too big for their front walkway) and the woman on the bike who decided not to take it…it doesn’t look that big…but once we got it home, it was a little too wide to get through my gate (or my neighbour’s – I thought that maybe we could heave it over the fence…) with a little creative pruning and a huge shove – we got it into the garden.

I’m so incredibly thankful to those people who decided to pass this along.

IMG_5987IMG_5957 IMG_5866IMG_5869IMG_5964


location, location, location


Making a new home–  It’s difficult to see in this picture, but today a small bird started making a nest in my basket. The clothes pegs that were out all winter have started to have mold on them, so I’ll use them for something other than clothes. In the meantime, I had just placed this other basket with new pegs on top. It made for a lovely nesting site except that it is at the top of the stairs to the garden…so it can’t stay.











 I felt so badly that I had to move the clothes pins basket, that I added (not shown) some small pieces of dryer lint to try and make up for all the hard work that this bird had done all afternoon. I am hoping they come back and take their compensation with them…

Tonight I looked and it didn’t seem that he had taken any. I guess he and his partner are going to look for a new site for their home tomorrow. I  hope it’s somewhere fabulous! Location, location, location

Postscript:  I looked today March 16th and the dryer lint was all gone!  I’m so glad they liked my peace offering!

Happy Father’s Day


chocolate cosmos and red wine


Here is a little visual taste of Father’s Day for us- the weather has become much colder – but we still had our happy hour outside in the garden. Because I always think that all food tastes better outside in the fresh air. 

With gratitude that I have a wonderful father and so do my children…