Hawaiian theme “loot bags” contain a little candy and a fun experience

Here’s what we used for a 14th birthday party where we weren’t doing “loot bags”.  It was a murder mystery party and the participants took these home – a little candy standing up in glasses. Simple, colorful and inexpensive. They enjoyed the candy, recycled the paper and kept the umbrellas. More important to put any money into the experience ( in this case buying the murder mystery on line- they are a lot of work ahead of time, but a lot of fun! ) and having great food at dinner.

loot bag idea

loot bag idea

a simple Christmas gathering


I found this silver tray at a garage sale and it shone up beautifully. I was able to increase the light, by placing the candles on top (the little red ones were also a garage sale find).


The Christmas season for me  is all about cozy memories and creating memories. The little picture below is a painting that my Dad did years and years ago of a small ornament that our friend had given me from a trip to Germany. The embroidery is something that my mother gave me – either she made or my grandmother did. And the berries, a gift from my sister, add a nice structure- as we celebrate advent–week 2


Rosemary wreaths for Thanksgiving

We will have a few simple decorations for our guests at Thanksgiving-this is something that I played with for a shape that was fun. I had thought I would make them all the same, but the rosemary wanted to break instead of bend today–so I ended up with some variations. It’s something that people can take home and use in their own cooking or let it dry and add a little red ribbon for Christmas…

DSCF1478 - Copy

DSCF1488 - Copy

DSCF1462 - Copy

DSCF1465 - Copy

DSCF1466 - Copy

DSCF1486 - Copy

DSCF1487 - Copy

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