homemade scones, homegrown roses, tea from a “new” tea pot: a moment to enjoy

Good morning,

I wanted to show you my replacement tea pot that I bought on Friday at a garage sale. I still miss my emma bridewater tea pot, but this one is both beautiful and makes a lovely tea with the Lady Grey that is one of my very favorites. The roses are from my garden and they have such a delicate and lovely scent; they are nestled into a vintage bowl that desperately needs more polishing, but for now I almost like the very tarnished look. I made blueberry scones this morning with cane sugar. I am switching over from refined white sugar. I can’t actually tell the difference in the taste. I enjoy reading about far away places, although when I look at these pictures it makes me think- why would you want to be anywhere else than here at home?

I hope you have a moment to enjoy the beautiful things in front of you when you have your morning tea.

Happy Canada Day!


morning tea with scones and new "vintage" tea pot

roses from my garden

homemade scone with tea roses from my garden

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